Cp-Architecture is the architectural division of Contemporanea Progetti, a service company founded in Florence by Eugenio Martera and Patrizia Pietrogrande.


CP-Architecture has an excellent team of architects and designers specialized in architectural planning, particularly luxury hotel design, exhibition and museum design, as well as the supervision and management of construction sites.


Our attention is focused on the client’s needs. Every detail of every design project, regardless of scale or dimension, is approached with the same creativity and methodology, whether a large building, a small shop or an object of design.

Every design project is the solution to a detailed study of needs, integration with the existing context, valorization of the brand and is developed with the involvement of other disciplines such as art and graphic design, embracing the most innovative cultural trends.  


Through the continuous up-dating of materials and technology, attention to issues of sustainability in built environments, and meticulous planning in the design process, our projects become conversations about design, inhabitation, construction and performance.


These are the hallmarks of our architectural and interior design, always new, always original, but signed by our recognizable style.


CP- Architecture has had the ISO 9001 certificate since 2008.


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